Raven Cycle- Set of 3 Candles

  • $20.00

Set of 3 Candles, Inspired by The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

Cabeswater- Visit the mysterious forests of Cabeswater with this candle that smells of Ancient Trees, Forest Moss, and swirling Mists.

The Raven Boys- The Raven Boys, bursting with dreams and indefinable magic, are boys unlike any other. This candle smells of Gasoline, Motor Oil & Leather, just like the Pig. 

Fox Way- 300 Fox Way is a house unlike any other. It's filled with physic women, unusual trees, and more than a bit of magic. Relax in the kitchen of Fox Way with this candle that is a blend of many different types of tea. One of which will surely be the cure for whatever ails you.



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