ACOTAR Inner Circle- Set of 6 Candles

  • $38.00

Inner Circle- Set of 6 Candles- Inspired by A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas.


Rhysand- The High Lord of the Night Court brings with him the aroma of Mandarin Oranges, Ocean Breeze, and Night-Blooming Jasmine.

Feyre- Huntress & High Lady, Feyre smells like fresh cut Roses, Bergamot citrus, and Moonlight.

Cassian- The High Lord's general, Cassian smells just like the mountain training camps and dragon's blood.

Azriel- The most mysterious of the Night Court's inner circle, the ShadowSinger smells like deep, dark Forests, Oak Moss, Amber, and Shadows.

Amren- The High Lord's Second in command is mysterious and powerful, with a shadowy past few would understand. Her candle is scented with blood red wine, tart cranberries, and exotic eastern yuzu. 

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