Caraval- Set of 3 Candles

  • $20.00

Set of 3 Candles, Inspired by the Caraval Series by Stephanie Garber.


 Only a Game- The scents of Candied Apples, Burnt Sugar Cider, and Lemon cakes will transport you the magical world of Caraval. 

Are you brave enough to play? Remember, whatever happens, it's only a game...

Magic of Caraval- The Magic of Caraval is an experience unlike any other. Sparkling Champagne, Juicy Pomegranates and a hint of indescribable Cruel PrinceMagic combine to send your head spinning!

Isla de los Suenos- Journey to the Island of Secrets, the private island of the one and only Legend of Caraval. Crisp Sea Salt combines with sweet Coconut and a hint of Mandarin Lime to carry you away to that magical isle.

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