Wizarding School Houses- Set of 4 Candles

  • $25.00

Set of 4 Candles, Inspired by Wizarding School Houses


House of the BraveCurl up in a squashy armchair in front of the fire and breathe in the sweet aroma of Hot Spiced Tea, Cranberries, and Blood Oranges.

House of the CunningDown in the dungeons, the house of the snake gathers for some serious plotting. The scent of earthy Oak Moss mixes tantalizingly with Japanese Yuzu to create an atmosphere of secrets and intrigue

House of the WiseBlack Currant Tea, Blackberries, and a touch of Vanilla perfume the air in the tallest tower where the schools brightest minds are hard at work. 

House of the LoyalYou can almost taste the delicious baking that comes wafting down the hall to the common room near the kitchens! Apples, Spices, and Strudel weave together as busy house elves prepare for a feast.

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