Faerie Land- Set of 5 Candles

  • $32.00

Set of 5 Candles, Inspired by Faerie Land.


The Unseelie Court- Everyone knows the Unseelie Court is one of deadly beauty, but few can resist the thrall of the darkness, The Dark Court is perfumed with Blood Red Wine, Black Currants, and Deep, Dark Forests.

The Seelie Court- The Seelie Court is a shining wonder, full of stunning beauty but hiding secrets and danger behind every smile. Visit the Sun Court with this candle, which smells of Apple, Orange and Pear Blossoms with a hint of sharp citrus.

Goblin Fruit- Would you be tempted to try a piece of Goblin Fruit? Golden Apples, Peaches, Apricots, and Honey combine to tempt you to try just one bite. 

Faerie Wine- Drinking Faerie Wine can be a dangerous endeavor. You may lose your head in more ways than one, if you sample this dark and complex blend of Elderberry, Black Currant, and a magical vintage of Red Wine.


The Wild Hunt- Braying hounds, horses with glowing eyes, and an unstoppable huntsman leading the way; the Wild Hunt runs wild through the land. Join them with the scents of Birch Groves, Oakmoss, Amber, and Forest Bonfires.

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